4 Moving Tips for an Office Relocation

Regardless of the size of your company, moving into a new serviced office space can be just as complicated as moving into a new home. It can involve bulky furniture, electronics, and a bunch of knick-knacks, and everyone usually doesn’t have a lot of time to move their stuff.

Office relocations may require a lot of work, but it’s possible to make it a headache-free process. Here are some tips to make your office move as smooth as possible:

Plan ahead

If you want the relocation to be efficient, you can’t just “wing it.” It’s crucial to start the planning as early as possible, delegating moving tasks to everyone and how they’ll be doing it. Scope around the new office area, and decide on the layout before moving the furniture in. You can even create a floor plan, so both employees and movers know the plan.

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Inform the IT team

One of the struggles of moving into a new office is disconnecting and reconnecting all your electronics and wires, and that could be a nightmare for your IT department. Give your IT team a notice three months in advance to start planning and transferring everything, and that includes computers, servers, phones and internet plans. Getting this part of the move done as soon as possible ensures the office relocation goes smoothly.

Toss away things you don’t need

Moving into a new office doesn’t necessarily mean you need to bring everything. Office relocation is a perfect opportunity to get rid of old office furniture or equipment that you don’t need anymore.  Here’s a tip: donate all unwanted items and shred unnecessary papers.

Update your address

Make sure everyone, including your clients, know that you’re moving to a new location. Update your website, business cards and other materials a week before the move, as it’s better to have your updated documents on hand before the move than to risk not having them days and weeks in your new space.


Moving into a new office location takes a lot of effort, but it is necessary for the growth of your business. Make sure to thank everyone for their cooperation and have a little celebration after settling in the new office.

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