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4 Underrated Coastal Towns in Malaysia!

There is something so charming about a town that is so near a beach. It could be the clear waters that seem never to end or the way certain parts of nature are left untouched and preserved. While you could enjoy this from a stay at a Desaru hotel, we encourage you to explore more coastal cities around Malaysia. Here are some for you to consider for your next holiday!

Kuala Terengganu

Once a small fishing village, Kuala Terengganu grew rapidly in the 1980s. Despite the effects of this modernization, Malay culture still thrives within this city. Lively markets offer you local products and produce that is unique and fresh. Their breezy beaches are quite charming, as locals gather around to unwind with various activities and street food during the weekends. 

Bintulu, Sarawak

Bintulu is a gem in Borneo as it offers you a plethora of things to discover in this little coastal town. Explore limestone caves and archaeological sites at the Niah National Park while Similajau National Park has a turtle beach for you to appreciate some local flora and fauna. There’s always something special for the nature lovers here in Bintulu.

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Cherating, Pahang

Over in Pahang, Cherating is a beautiful holiday town that’s sure to charm you. Enjoy the relaxed vibe of the local life at Cherating Village, where you get to sample local foods prepared by people who have lived there for generations. You may also get creative and join the textile and handicraft workshops held by craftsmen.

Desaru, Johor

Desaru is an exciting place to have a family getaway. Known for their pristine beach beside the South China Sea, this coastal town is garnering lots of attention from tourists in the region. With farms, beaches and a water park nearby, it’s a no brainer how this town in Johor is garnering popularity as a holiday destination. 


There’s a lot of fun and relaxing moments waiting for you at these quaint little coastal towns. From beaches and water parks to nature and tradition, there’s always something for everyone when you visit these towns. Learn more about what’s interesting on your next stay in a Desaru hotel here


What You Need To Know When Working Overseas

Are you dreaming to work abroad? Are you normally scroll any free job posting sites for the chance to go out of the country? Or perhaps, you currently packing your stuff to get ready to go abroad to work? Working abroad is not all beautiful. There are things to know when working abroad so read this informations before you go overseas:

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For your knowledge, this visa is issued by a country to allow a person to enter the country. The role of Visa is usually to specify the time allowed and the purpose of entering the country. For example, to study or work. If you plan to work overseas, you should have a visa so what you need is that you must go to the embassy and apply for a visa to that country. Visa is very important, yes. Get your visa before you get anything else!

Public Holidays

Other countries may have very different norms especially when it comes to their holidays. For example, when working in London, you will receive 25 days for you to go for a vacation but others in the United States for the holidays they provide are only 12-15 days. Be sure to ask your supervisor about this to avoid any confusion. This problem may seem small, but it is very important to you as maybe you wish to spend your holiday in your hometown.


When working overseas, the language may be the separation distance for you to associate with the workers there who are mostly native to the country. For example, if you work in Japan, the Japanese are very weak with English because they are indeed glorifying their mother-tongue. So, before you go abroad as a country that does not use English as their second language, you should learn the basic language to talk with them so that you are not excluded because of the language barrier.


Even if your company bids to transfer all your goods overseas, you are advised to carry only a small amount of goods as at the end of the day, you will feel the burden to bring everything abroad. You should only carry the basics only because you may buy other items abroad.


When you work outside the country, it is not just for work, but you should also be good at keeping the network or contact with people around you. When you are abroad, it is also one of the opportunities for you to build a network with residents who live there as well as with people from other countries. Because by building a network you can learn many things and in the same time you can “sell” your personal branding.

All in all

To move overseas requires a very neat supply. From the visa, to the passport also our behavior there. All are important. Hence, make sure you do enough research so you will not go astray later. Happy working!


Explore Desaru

Plan to enjoy a vacation in Malaysia but have no clue which places to go? Check out Desaru Johor Bahru which is really right for a family trip. Read this article to find out why Desaru is the greatest spot for a family holiday. From Desaru visitors attractions to Desaru resort to Desaru hotel, and also the famous food in Desaru, you can find it here all of it here.

Invest Quality Time with your loved ones at Desaru

Places to Stay

Among the best accommodations in Desaru will be Hard Rock Desaru Coast, a family-friendly resort that is definitely suited for all age groups. They have different varieties of rooms and suites for people to choose from. An excellent thing here is the amenities and entertainment they provide. You’ll be able to relax and at the same time, have a good time here.

Should you prefer a hotel, you must consider Amansari Hotel Desaru. It is a good location which is nearby to Desaru beach, therefore, it is easy to look for a restaurant to enjoy local food and seafood. Other than that, they feature laundry service and luggage storage that is convenient for the traveller.

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Places to Visit

Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark is another highly recommended places to visit. It’s nearby to Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, in case you overnight there, you can come here to have fun. It’s divided into 5 zones to fulfill each ages desire. You can go to their webpage to reserve the tickets and ensure you follow the rules.

Another ideal area to visit in Desaru is Desaru Fruit Farm. You can find the fantastic of the farm through the guided farm tour to 180 acres, natural tropical fruit land, agricultural gallery, find a pond, vegetable and herb garden. Awarded as “The Best Agro-Tourism Site” in the year 2006, no question that the place is fun.

After visit Desaru Ostrich Farm, you can check out to Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm, which features over 1000 crocodiles. Same as the ostrich farm, you will definitely get the chance to get close to the crocodiles (with the supervising of the caretaker). Also, the caretaker will share all the fun things about crocodiles for everyone.

Best Food in Desaru

You need something famous, delicious, and also at the same time, at a reasonable price? Here you go, Jade Garden Seafood Corner which is Half an hour away from Desaru Beach. The food is so delicious and seafood do not have a fishy smell. No doubt that the restaurant is strongly suggested by the people.

Other than Jade Garden Seafood Corner, Sengat Seafood Restaurant is also a great choice for seafood. This restaurant is suitable for Muslim because their food is Muslim-friendly. Same as Jade Garden Seafood Corner, their seafood for instance salted egg crab is fresh and delicious, which really value for your money.

There’s a lot of places in Desaru that should be explored. If you plan to head over to Desaru, you can find it more by yourself. If you’re going to have a friend trip, highly recommend Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast since it is really comfortable and it is nearby to Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark. You can find more info on the site at

Business Travel

AIG Malaysia: 360° Insurance Protection Plan

Being among the pioneers of insurance services in Malaysia for longer than sixty years, AIG serves the country by giving quality delivery regarding insurance and risk management solutions. Ever since the day the building blocks are laid down in 1953, AIG’s consistent development contributed to a steady growth in their particular network of agents, brokers, and scheme, with now upwards of 15 offices opened across the country.

Get a hold of AIG Malaysia’s Newest Insurance Offering

AIG emphasizes that insurance and risk management program’s really vital to protect customers from the unforeseeable future. Therefore, they’ve already offered distinct types of insurance packages to be benefited by both corporations and individuals.

For private individuals, owning high-valued assets along the lines of cars and homes without insurance coverages is a concern. To stress on its importance, perhaps even the Federal Government made insurance subscription mandatory in making certain its citizens and their businesses have sufficient protection against unfortunate happenings. While there are several insurers already in the market, AIG is just about the most trustworthy car insurance & home insurance providers in the nation.

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Setting properties aside, personal health and wellness are in addition to another aspect individuals should pay attention to. In this particular aspect, educating the consumers about the great need for a medical insurance will be the real challenge. Nevertheless, this won’t stop AIG’s agents from making effort to lift awareness. Now, their effort has begun to show some positive outcome, because the quantity of personal medical insurance coverage purchased by the Malaysian individual grows greatly annually.

Plus, citizens also travel more daily, especially due to the lower traveling cost and expansion of the local businesses to overseas markets. Planning to ensure clients can travel peacefully, AIG comes with a complete travel insurance plan that could be purchased that protects both internal and international trips.

Covering the needs of companies in risk management, an intricate program’s attainable. AIG covers liability insurance, fronting and captive services related insurance, trade credit insurance, not to mention group employee benefits insurance. Enterprises can certainly protect their businesses better when using the adaptive plan that usually can be tailored to their actual needs.

Businesses from manufacturing, financial institutions, transportations, import & export, retail, or even media & technology sector can eventually enjoy this custom made plan. Nevertheless, there has never been an oversight about the needs of SMEs. Knowing that small enterprises may ultimately require protection too, AIG has, therefore, introduced the SME Package to interested businesses.

Through AIG Malaysia’s website, individuals and corporations can get information regarding the support offered and in addition get a quote upon providing important information. Based on their wants, customers may possibly request for a face to face meeting with nearby agents and a lot more for even more details regarding AIG’s services and products.

Recently, AIG Malaysia went further to embrace e-commerce as they simply make their insurance subscription found on Lazada Malaysia. It will ultimately bring convenience to subscribers as they may have their insurance activated within 3 days and is particularly deemed as a brilliant strategy for getting in touch with the target audience digitally. As you can see, insurance is really important to use. Check out to learn more about insurance.


Low Budget Airline companies In Malaysia

Over the past decade, the aviation industry in Malaysia has continued to develop rapidly. The time flying has been a thing for the rich and wealthy is over. The ongoing competition between airlines brought about cheap prices for domestic and international flights. In Malaysia, several affordable airlines begun offer attractive prices for a few amazing destinations in and around Asia.



Firefly is definitely an airline company headquartered in Malaysia which provides affordable flights for its customers. With Firefly, you could buy a cheap flight to Langkawi, Banda Aceh, Alor Setar, Kota Bharu, Kuantan, as well as more. What’s unique about Firefly would be that it is actually a subsidiary of the nation’s flag carrier, Malaysia Airlines Berhad.

Get your flight to Langkawi here:

As being a respectable airline, Firefly values comfort and security during the entire flying experience. This is why, they’re employing the major insurance agency, AIG, to offer a travel insurance to their customers. For only a reasonable price you’re covered for most medical expenses, lost or damaged baggage, and trip delay or cancellation if you are traveling. Firefly mainly operates from Subang Skypark (also known as Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport) as one of the main hubs.

Malindo Airlines

Malindo Air

Malindo Air is actually a unique airline because it is created through a collaboration of Malaysia and Indonesia. Therefore the origin of the name, Malindo. Malindo flies to Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, and China, and you will find well over 44 other destinations to pick from. The airfare prices of Malindo Air tend to be affordable, which everyone can simply go to and fly to their favorite city.

Are you sure one small airline provides less comfort? Malindo Air proves you wrong! With larger seats, USB plugs and seat-back entertainment screens for anyone, they always make sure you certainly will enjoy your flight in comfort. Want to make sure you fly completely carefree? Malindo Air offers travel insurance with the insurance provider, Chubb. Chubb covers most unforeseen expenses which may occur during your travel.



AirAsia really is a low-cost airline as well as the brainchild of Tony Fernandes. This airline is already symbolic of their tagline “Now Everyone Can Fly”. Interestingly, the business models itself following on from the famous Virgin Airlines. AirAsia now has the biggest fleet and network in Malaysia, and so they fly to Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea and even to the United States Of America!

Pioneer of low-cost travel in Asia, is exactly what the New York Times named AirAsia. The airline offers many promotions all through the year which enables customers to fly cheaply in and out of Malaysia. With lots of affiliate AirAsia airlines in many countries, they make certain that the supply of flights is substantial!

To find the most cost-effective flights or perhaps the greatest deals, you can actually browse through the airlines’ official websites, even though this might be time intensive. Comparison sites like Expedia or Skyscanner provide a clear overview of the flights found on your preferred date and destination. Last advice, you could try and book with plenty of forethought and constantly check for cheap deals or promotions any time you travel on a budget. Safe travels!


Top-Rated Penang Hotels & Resorts

It is no wonder of the fact that hotel industry was always booming in Penang, with tourists local and international flooding into this cultural island. Considering the variety of new Penang hotels, hostels, serviced apartments, guesthouses or Air B’n’B opening every succeeding year, travelers will have a range of accommodation types to choose from. And so the issue is, where exactly should you stay? Read our recommended guide for some of the top Penang hotel you should stay in, to obtain the greatest deal.

Holiday Inn Resort Penang

Penang Hotel | Holiday Inn Resort Penang

Our ultimate option is the Holiday Inn Resort Penang. One of our top choices for anybody planning to lodge at Batu Ferringhi, these serviced residence offers remarkable value over most of its competitors nearby. Situated just along Miami Beach Road, the Seaview units are super clean, simple and contemporary. Currently, the least expensive deal is RM438 per night for a 3-bedroom unit as seen on, and the room can accommodate five pax making this stay best for small teams of travelers or interested families.

For reservation, visit

Yeng Keng Hotel

Penang Hotel

Yeng Keng Hotel is actually a 20-room newly restored Nineteenth-century building on Chulia Street, possibly the most colorful and happening street in the World Heritage site of George Town. Street hawkers, budget hotels, cafe bars and antique shophouses line this vibrant and bustling street, so there’s no dull moment twenty-four hours a day. The location is best to venture out and enjoy the historical city walk and the city’s best nightlife on Upper Penang Road can be a short walk away. The hotel also houses a diner that serves excellent Hainanese food.

Muntri News

Penang Hotel

Muntri News, a fantastic 4-star hotel in Penang where you could enjoy the perfect mixture of the colorful George Town along with a comfortable boutique hotel. With the majority of UNESCO World Heritage locations around, this hotel is a brilliant option for travelers who wanna explore the area but prefer more comfort for a great price.

Eastern & Oriental Hotel Penang

Penang Hotel

Established at the intersection of Farquhar Street and Penang Road, the hotel is strategically situated in the center of George Town. If you are thinking about a glamorous experience, this is certainly probably the greatest hotel in Penang. Why? Because all things are in easy reach. You’re able to walk right across the road and reach the Fort Cornwallis, the City Hall and also the Penang State Museum. The hotel provides shuttles to Penang Airport and the Butterworth Railway Station.

Ryokan Chic Hostels

Penang Hotel

Tired of low-cost hotels with cockroaches, misshapen mattresses, and no-go toilets? Try Ryokan, a Japanese themed hostel featuring safe, hygienic lodging and modern highlights of chic boutique hotels for travelers on a limited budget. CCTV observation system and Wifi connectivity are accessible all through the hostel and there’s also a special ladies’ dorm. Ryokan can be found on Muntri Street, in the middle of George Town, Penang.

We hope this article provided adequate insight to help you plan your upcoming trip to Penang. Make sure you refer to this article to locate the best Penang hotel to get yourself an irresistible deal. Don’t hesitate to visit the mentioned Penang hotel’s official websites to understand more about any promotions and packages that may be on offer now.