Lafarge ProSolutions: The First Choice in Building Material Market

Malaysia is among the many most developed nations in Asia and likely to increase its overall Gross domestic product to 521.22 billion U.S dollars by 2022. Malaysia makes time and effort into achieving an eco-friendly environment to get a more sustained future and this accompanied by Lafarge ProSolutions who usually confirm that its solutions are high-quality.

An Overview of Lafarge ProSolutions

Lafarge ProSolutions can be described as a significant player in building material industry. They have had been working on several famous mega projects in Malaysia, among them KL Towers, Penang Bridge, Rapid LRT line, and KLIA. The solutions are perfect for personal use and professional use. Look up now to build better information about them.


Cement is one of the most important buildings material among others in the construction industry. Lafarge ProSolutions is equipped with a wide range of cement for purchasers to decide on, from cement for general usage which ensures high durability to specialized road cement for soil stabilization.



Another type of products from Lafarge ProSolution is its QuickMix. Its QuickMix products are available as an adhesive, base coat and top coat. Whether if you want to make your perfect walls in your dream house or maybe the luxurious-looking floors for the hotel, Lafarge ProSolution includes the right product available for you.


Lafarge ProSolutions also delivers good-quality decorative and structural concrete products to match diverse commercial and individual needs. All of the solutions are uniquely formulated for various uses. As an example, Artevia is the collection of decorative colored concrete for external and internal flooring.


Among the list of services provided by Lafarge ProSolutions is training. They provide technical assistance in testing, innovating, troubleshoot and optimize their client’s construction project. It is useful as it helps their clients to obtain a better concept of the product’s characteristics.

Health & Safety

Safety and health play the main issue in building construction. Simply take it easier with Lafarge ProSolutions by demonstrating Visible Personal Commitment (VPC). With VPC, incidents and injuries during the construction project can be reduced or avoid. Also, it will possibly improve employee commitment and engagement.

Innovation Hub (IH)

The Lafarge Innovation Hub has four functioning labs by giving national and international quality standards. The 4 labs will be the cement lab, concrete and aggregate lab, soil lab, and a mobile lab. Different labs offer different tests and activities. The Innovation Hub even offers an open spot for testing.


At Lafarge ProSolutions, you could always get the best solution for your own construction projects since they enjoy the best R&D capability. With the awards won, no doubt that Lafarge ProSolutions stands out as the leader of the building material industry. Discover their site for more information regarding the products and services. View their products and services now at